Women Have Balls of Steel

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As I sit here in my rocking chair with my laptop on my lap, I wonder what to blog about next.  Then it occurred to me as I feel the ben wa balls roll around from within.

Ben Wa Balls, also known as Burmese Bells, Benoit Balls, Orgasm Balls, Venus Balls, or Geisha Balls. The balls can be hollow, contain clappers, chimes, or a small weight that rolls around while the wearer moves about.  Larger Ben Wa Balls are called Duotone Balls and used to exercise the kegel muscles in experienced wearers. Retrieval strings are usually attached to the balls to make it easier to take the balls out of the vagina.

Ben wa balls are often mistaken with baoding ball which are Chinese exercise balls and used by rotating repetitively in the hand to improve manual dexterity and strength.  Ben wa balls come in a variety of materials, some are plastic, TPR (thermoplastic rubber), metal, silicone, nylon, realistic skin, marble, jade and some even vibrate.

To find the origin of Ben wa Balls is difficult though some believe they originated in China or Japan in the 1600’s while others believe they existed in 500 AD.  Since the trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey came to the forefront of erotic reading, they have boosted the sales and popularity of ben wa balls.

The Ben Wa Balls are by far one of the best products I've ever tried. For short term use, they were nothing short of sensational. They went in easily, stayed in place, and were very easy to clean. I felt like I was pleasantly ‘full’. The "balls within the balls" made my orgasms stronger and last longer, particularly my aftershocks, as they felt like they were vibrating. I also wear them during the day. They stay in place well, and definitely give my pc muscles a workout. The effects of my daytime are easier and stronger orgasms, much to my partner’s pleasure. Whether for long term use or short term fun, these should be a welcome addition to anyone's toy chest.

Ben Wa Balls are inserted as you would insert a tampon:

  • Some prefer to put a condom on the balls to make clean up easier
  • Make sure you go pee before inserting the balls because the balls most likely will fall out in the toilet
  • Lie on your back
  • Use lube if you wish and slowly insert one ball at a time until all the balls are inserted.  You may feel “full”
  • If you roll from side to side you can feel the balls massage the vagina

For a beginner, wearing lightweight small balls are ideal.  For more experienced wearers, larger heavier balls can be worn.  Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to wear the balls and find out they slid down your pant leg – embarrassing first date.  Take it slow and maybe wear them only at home, then as you feel you’re strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, try heavier or larger balls. Wearing ben wa balls are to be used at your discretion so learn how your pelvic floor muscles work.

Ben Wa Balls are not recommended for anal play as there is no stopper at the end of the toy, like you’d find in a butt plug.  There are two purposes for the ben wa balls, they are not meant to give you an orgasm but rather to tease you.  Secondly, the balls are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Slack pelvic floor muscles can occur after childbirth or as we age. You’ll notice that when you sneeze, you probably cross your legs because we leak a little urine.  Ben Wa Balls are used to tighten the pelvic floor muscles thus controlling bladder problems and to grip the penis more tightly.  These muscles need to be exercised as you would exercise any muscle of the body.  The Ben Wa Balls are part of 'kegel exercises.'

When the balls are inserted, practice squeezing the muscle that you’d use to stop urinating.  Get used to the sensation and continue squeezing periodically or continuous.  Turn music on and squeeze to the beat.  Remember to use the ben Wa balls at your comfort level. Taking out the balls, use the attached string.  If there is no string, you’ll have to use your fingers and go fishing for them.

The balls come in a variety of options, either singly or as a string of two to four balls.  Different ways to enjoy the balls are to rock in a rocking chair, sit on a vibrating washing machine, going for a walk, or even wear them in grappling classes. Use your imagination. So enjoy your ben wa balls.

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