Mile High Club Cost: $250 Fine

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Mile High Club

Normally when people join the Mile High Club, they do it in the bathroom, but one Oregon couple decided their seats were the right place.


The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the couple was flying from Medford, Oregon to Las Vegas when the incidents were alleged to have occurred. They have been charged with committing lewd, indecent and obscene acts.

On the June 21st, 2013 flight Jessica Stroble is alleged to have given Christopher Martin a blow job. After food and beverages had been served, she was at it again (she'll have the hotdog).

While she was doing this, Martin was alleged to have had his hand down her pants, stimulating her.

One certainly can’t accuse Martin of being selfish, and was generously giving and not just receiving, so good for him. In the future, one might suggest going to the bathroom, or at least attempting to be more discrete by covering up with a blanket. 

In any case, this fun flight could have cost the couple 90 days in jail, and a $500 fine but, as it ended up, they pleaded guilty and were given $250 fines.


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