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The couple entered the nightclub through the double swinging doors and immediately scanned the room for their prey . They had seen pictures of them, had seen her long blonde hair and his short black hair in the pictures, were aware of the outline of their bodies, the general shape and curves of their chest and hips and they had a description of what they were wearing tonight she was going to be in a tight yellow dress that barely covered her assets and he was going to be in black slacks and a striped shirt.    


Should not be hard to miss them .. Ah, there they are, in the back corner of the club and they are looking around, searching for Mistress and her boy, just as they were being sought out by the dome/sub couple.

Wading through the gyrating mass of people to reach the corner of the club excited Mistress as men were anonymously grabbing at her breasts and ass, unaware that the grope that they felt they were copping... from the lady was just the action she was hoping for.

By the time they had reached their new friends, Mistress was wet from being touched and in anticipation of playing with new friends. She knew her nipples were hard and probably showed through her flimsy bra and very very low cut top.

Good evening... Mistress said to start the conversation. I am Jenny and this is my sub, we will call him Tony tonight.... I am Teresa and this is my friend Bob... came the answer in an aggressive tone.

Mistress knew that this lady was in charge in the relationship, and that excited Mistress even more!!! It was agreed to find a more quiet lace to chat, so they made their way out of the nightclub and into the attached restaurant. After finding a cozy table for 4 in a secluded corner of the restaurant, the chat quickly turned to the business at hand.

dominatrix mistress

What makes you think that you want to play with Mistress and her sub?!?... requested Mistress. Almost immediately Teresa answered that she was interested in taking her aggressive relationship with Bob to the next level, to move from the cuffing and the ordering and the light ass play to a much more dominant role, and the best way to do that would be to observe a true domme in action!!

Kiss your man!... barked Mistress. Teresa reached over and gave Bob a peck. No, really kiss him, put some passion in it, I have no time for half assed actions.... Teresa leaned into the kiss this time, giving Bob access to her tongue and placing her hand on his chest, rubbing it ever so slightly. Much better, that is the kind of dedication that I demand... growled Mistress.


We will get along fabulously!!... And with that she reached over, grabbed her boy by the crook of his arm, pulled him to her and quickly licked his cheek, showing her ownership to everyone.

After another round of drinks helped loosen the atmosphere, then the mistress started to assert her control. With a quick series of commands, she had her boy playing footsies with Teresa under the table, had Bob caress her breasts and had them both rubbing the insides of her thighs. It is time to turn this up... states Mistress It is time for some skin to skin, real contact! Bob, move closer to Teresa, slide your hand up her blouse, I want to see you pinch her nipple and boy, see how wet she is.... At first Teresa crossed her arms across her chest as if to protest, but a stern look from Mistress and the fact that the restaurant was almost empty changed her mind.

She let her arms drop to her side and spread her legs ever so slightly to give boy access to her lower lips. As the men moved in to do as they were told, Teresa closed her eyes, felt the warm sensation of the men's hands and let out a soft sigh as she felt her left nipple being pinched and then the tingly touch of a finger deftly sliding between her very wet lips

Lick those fingers boy!... demanded Mistress, and boy quickly obeyed, hungrily licking the two fingers that he had inserted into Teresa's wet pussy. MMMMMM... boy purred as he moved the fingers slowly in and out of his mouth. Let me taste... hissed Mistress as she grabbed the boy's chin in her hand and pulled his face to hers, planting a long, luscious, wet kiss on him. Yes boy, she is sweet!!!...

Mistress was enjoying these events too, for she did not know how well the new couple would react to her taking control like this. She had been with her sub long enough to know that he would do whatever she asked, and it pleased her to know that Teresa and Bob seemed to enjoy following directions too. She found her mind wandering, too, uncovering new ideas for later on that evening.

She knew that her sub did not have a big cock, but she knew that is not why she had him around, it was the way that he blindly followed all of her commands without blinking, how he did not flinch the first time she cuffed him, the first time she pushed a butt plug into his ass, the first time that she had fucked him with a strapon, even the first time that she had let loose a golden shower on him as they showered together.

Yes, boy was a fun toy to keep around he obeyed blindly, even when she had him perform on other people, he had a very talented tongue and he gave his ass up very willingly to any sort of play she desired. And she had to admit, he could fuck for 30 minutes straight without stopping!!!!

Teresa's moans snapped Mistress back to reality and she realized that they were getting very loud. Well, unless we want to get locked up for indecent exposure, I suggest we take our activity to a more private location... proclaimed Mistress as she wiped the juiciness of boy's kiss from her lips. Teresa, we are in room 603, here is our second key. Wait for 7 minutes after boy and I leave then have your pet pay the tab and then you two come up to the room. Do not stop anywhere on the way . Not the restroom, not the snackbar, come straight to the room....

Mistress got up to leave the table, followed immediately by her boy, his hardon very noticeable to anyone who cared to look. seven minutes... she whispered as she turned to walk away. They then quickly made their way out of the restaurant to the elevator, stepped into it and were gone.

Well, what do you think?... asked Teresa. whatever you want me to think, ma'am... replied Bob, totally immersed in the role playing, feeling the sub in him rising to the top. Then you had better start the stopwatch, my little boy, or Mistress will punish us for being late!... She could feel her wetness caused by her anticipation, so much so that she wondered if she would leave a wet spot on her chair cushion she had to look back as she stood up, and sure enough, a dark ring on the cushion showed where she had gotten so wet from the anticipation, as well as the fingers moving in and out of her pussy she smiled and thought to herself this is going to be gooooooooooood...

Bob paid the tab as Teresa made her way to the elevator. She felt her skin crawl with anticipation as the elevator chime rang and the door opened up Only 6 floors to the grand adventure... she whispered under her breath as she stepped into the elevator, not waiting for the doors to be completely open before entering. Bob saw this anticipation and said you are really wanting to get up there, aren't you Teresa?... Without thinking, Teresa belted out Be quiet, boy, I am your Mistress now!... The order came loudly and sharply and it surprised Bob, but he felt his cock jump at the demand. It surprised him, but made it much easier to feel very much part of the scene he was about to partake in.

The rest of the elevator ride was in silence, with both of them thinking about what was ahead. Would Teresa be allowed to order the men around or would she be another sub to mistress? Would Bob be a good sub or would he freak out about some of the demands made to him? The ding of the elevator reaching its designated floor snapped them both out of their deep thoughts and back to reality. Here we go, lets do this... whispered Teresa under her breath as they left the elevator and obeyed the direction of the arrow that directed them to turn left for rooms 600 612.

Bob's heart raced as he slipped the key into the door and heard the hushed buzz of the electronic lock giving up its secure hold on the door. His eyes strained to adjust to the candle lit darkness as he entered the room, feeling Teresa's hand holding his as she followed him in. CLOSE THE DOOR... came the command from an adjoining room, and he found himself tugging Teresa to get her in the room and slammed the door shut behind her. It was not an action he thought about, he just obeyed. That made him even more excited.

The boy was on the bed, spread eagle and on his back. Bob could not see if he was restrained, but his cock was definitely very erect . And Bob could make out a pair of nipple clamps on him, too. Approach the bed... came the next command, followed by Boy, you know what to do!.... When that command was ushered, boy jumped up from the bed and started taking off Mistress's clothes, very efficiently finding the buttons and clasps to get the dress, bra, socks and shoes off.. but leaving her panties on (for now).

Boy then turned to Bob and started to slowly unbutton his shirt, slowly removing it from his shoulders. He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pans and used his hands to move the pants over his ass and down to his ankles. Bob felt the boy's hot breath on his cock though his boxers, as if the boy was lingering with his mouth there. You know what to do... came the hidden voice. The boy quickly closed in on Bob, and Bob felt boy's lips as his waistband was being gripped by boy

The waistband was pulled down, ever so slowly, from Bob's waist. Bob felt the elastic roll down his pelvis, rub down the side of his hips . Felt the boy's mouth holding the waistband rub over his now very stiff cock and then felt as the boxers were dropped over his ass cheeks with one last tug by boy. Step two... came the hidden voice, and Bob saw in his mind's eye Mistress viewing all the activity from the closet or bathroom or some other hidden area. But he was snapped back to reality as he felt boy's tongue moving up his leg.

A quick panic overcame him as he realized that a man was about to give him head, or at least lick his privates. A sudden surge of panic came over him and suddenly he thought of Teresa and what will she think.... Bob stole a glance over to her and was a bit surprised to see her biting her lower lip and looking intently at his crotch area. She is being turned on about all of this... Bob thought, and decided that he would relax and see where all of this led . So he took a deep breath and tried to relax as much as he could knowing he was about to have a man suck his cock for the very first time. But surprisingly, boy's tongue stopped just above his knee, pausing as if waiting for a new order ..

And that is when Bob heard the click in the darkness. Turning his head towards the sound, he could barely make out a silhouette behind Teresa, and he could see that the shadow had reached out to Teresa .. another click and Bob realized that it was Mistress, putting a set of handcuffs on Teresa. He did not know if she approved or not, but she did not seem to resist too much. Now, I have three slaves at my disposal, right?... came Mistress's next vocalization, Bob heard boy answer yes my mistress..., followed almost immediately by Teresa saying, to Bob's surprise yes my mistress.... Well, new boy, are you going to join us or should we put you out now?... Bob's voice cracked as he said yes my mistress, we are all at your disposal.... He knew he had gone beyond the point of no return . Good, my boys and girl. I have Boy 1, Boy 2 and my cunt bitch....

Teresa was wet with anticipation. Mistress had cuffed her and whispered in her ear we can have a lot of fun with these boys if you follow my lead.... So she capitulated and decided to hand control over to Mistress Remove cunt bitch's panties now, boy 2 hurry!!... Came the order, and immediately she saw Bob take a few swift steps towards her and felt his hands slide inside her thong straps, and although she had felt that many many times in the past, it was different this time, with him being ordered to do it. She felt the heat increase between her legs as her thong was removed and she started wondering how long it would be before she felt the wetness overcome her pussy and start trickling down her leg. Her love hole was aching for attention to be touched, rubbed, licked!!!!

Teresa sensed that Mistress new this, as her next order was Our cunt bitch is in need of some attention, my boys .. seeing that she is helplessly cuffed, you should be licking and sucking her nipples.. NOW!... Bob and boy immediately obeyed and Teresa felt the warmth of their lips and tongues on both of her nipples, then surprisingly she felt another mouth and set of lips on her neck mmmmmmmmmmm... Teresa felt an unconscious purr of pleasure leave her lips upon feeling this, followed by an instantaneous tug on her cuffs Mistress did not give you permission to speak, cunt bitch... and a slap on Teresa's bare ass drove home the point. Sorry Mistress... came the reply, but apparently it was not good enough for Mistress as she pushed Teresa onto the bed, releasing the men's contact with her breasts. She fell to the bed on her back with a thud, knocking the breath from her and making her second guess her decision to go through with this but this only for a minute as Teresa felt her legs being pried open and the tongues of the boys moving up each leg.

Mistress had given the command to them and Teresa's pussy grew even wetter with the thought of the ecstasy that the first touches to her pussy would bring her. She was sure of this! She felt the boys move up her legs, past her knees, to the inside of her thighs. She closed her eyes but was careful not to purr again, to obey her new Mistress's orders of silence. As she felt the tensing of her pelvic muscles in preparation for the inevitable touch of the boys to her pussy and clit (and hopefully her asshole too, if Mistress permitted it!!), she suddenly and without warning felt a weight on her own lips, a wet weight with a musky smell to it .

Mistress had deposited her own hot pussy on Teresa's face at the very moment she was expecting the wonderful sensation of dual cunnilingus .. feeling how wet Mistress was turned Teresa on even more; she started licking Mistress clumsily (it was her first pussy munch since a high school dare many years ago) as the boys converged on her pussy and clit. Her senses were overloading with all of this sensory input, the licking and sucking of her clit, the probing of her pussy by another tongue and fingers and the moaning of Mistress as she began to buck on Teresa's tongue.

Teresa was feeling the multiple waves of ecstasy crashing in her brain, the sexual input driving her quickly towards orgasm she was about to go over the edge when suddenly the boys stopped their onslaught on her privates and Mistress raised from the position she had on Teresa's tongue. SHIT SHIT SHIT... her brain screamed as she felt betrayed of one awesome orgasm her mind raced as she tried to figure out what Mistress had planned for them next, but she could not grasp sensible thoughts at this time, she was way past that stage of excitement. Mistress pointed out towards the far side of the room and said look!... There, in the flickering candlelight of the room, Teresa saw her Bob sitting on the workdesk chair, legs spread wide and boy on his knees eating hungrily at his hard cock.

A twinge of jealousy hit her brain what if that gay cocksucker is better at giving head than I am?... but the feeling quickly passed as she felt Mistress start to nibble on her back it is pretty, is it not?... Yes my mistress... came the reply, much quicker than she had expected Teresa had fully assimilated to her sub role, and she found that she enjoyed it immensely!!

Mistress moved over to the two boys and began running her fingers over boy's back and across Bob's chest. Teresa knew how much Bob enjoyed having his nipples played with and imagined that he was enjoying this attention. A few whispers and the boys got up and walked towards the bed where Teresa sat, still cuffed. Bob sat next to her, put his arms around her and leaned her back onto the bed, delivering a wet, deep kiss as he laid her down.

She felt the bed bounce and assumed that Mistress and/or boy was getting onto the bed. A tongue began at her right nipple and started circling it as Bob continued his exploration of her mouth with his tongue The tongue quickly moved down to her navel, circling it and plunging into it momentarily before running down her mons and reaching her clit mmmm... she thought

She was still being engulfed by Bob's kiss, but he abruptly moved aside and she saw Mistress's leg lifting across her head .. she was going to be in a 69 with mistress, the boys were going to be made to watch it excited her again!!!!! She was surprised how hot and bothered she could be .. WOW!! She took mistress's saved pussy into her mouth, hungrily licking at the lips, plunging her tongue into the pussy and sucking Mistress's clit Mistress was a good cunt eater, with an expert tongue she lashed at Teresa's pussy, making her buck and move her legs.

Then mistress shifted her weight onto one hip, pulling her pussy from Teresa's lips. Mistress slapped her ass with her hand and immediately a hard cock was introduced to Mistress's pussy, then the pussy and cock pair was dropped back onto Teresa's lips and she felt the cock rub back and forth as Bob fucked Mistress who was still in a 69 with her. Teresa was having a hard time breathing as all this was going on .. the weight of mistress on her and the close quarters of the cock and pussy were straining her physical abilities. But she did not want to stop, it was far too enjoyable Bob's balls slapped at her as he fucked mistress, her juices dripped onto her face and lips. Such new sensations!!

Teresa felt another movement and Mistress said it is the boy's turn now Boy 2, on your back, now!... Bob obeyed immediately and lied on his back Boy 1, you know what to do.... Boy performed the same operations Mistress had done, moving his tongue down Bob's chest to his navel and down to Bob's very erect cock. Bob had never been sucked by a guy, but boy made it very enjoyable, as long as he did not have to tell anyone about it later. As he was getting comfortable with boy sucking him and the ladies watching, Mistress came over and moved boy's leg over Bob's head, positioning his cock immediately in front of Bob's mouth. Suck boy 1!!

Do it now!... Bob obeyed, a bit reluctantly at first, but the warm, hard salami in his mouth did not have a bad taste at all, just a bit of saltiness from boy's precum . Soon boy found himself relishing this taboo task and tried to use his tongue as much as possible, the way he liked Teresa to manipulate his cock, moving her mouth up and down while the rough tongue rubbed against the bottom of his cock.

Lots of firsts tonight, Bob thought, lots of firsts .. then, out of the corner of his eye, Bob saw a light come on in the bathroom .. and he noticed that Mistress and Teresa had moved to the bathtub, Mistress was now standing over Teresa . And that was a strapon in her hand too yes, an evening full of firsts this was going to be and he returned to the task at hand that he had been given sucking boy and waiting for the next command from Mistress .. wait, what was that in the dark, that silhouette on the ceiling.. was that a swing???? Yes, this could be a night full of a lot of firsts indeed!

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