Sex Confession: I Tied Her Up and Forgot About Her

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wife tied up

My wife loves it when I tie her up and leave her helpless for a couple hours before I come home and ravage her.


So, one night I did that. Tied her up nicely and left her on the floor of our apartment for her to contemplate what we would do when I came home.

Unfortunately, I stayed out a little longer than planned, and had a few more drinks than normal. On top of that, I brought a half-dozen friends back to have a few more drinks, not remembering my wife maybe not so eagerly now waiting for me on the living room floor.

My friends walked into the apartment before me, as I was holding the door like a nice guy, and the first thing they see is my wife trussed up on the floor. My jaw nearly hit the floor, and I flushed with embarrassment, but my wife said “I am glad you brought some assistants with you. Now what are you waiting for?”

wife tied up BDSM

Obviously she wasn’t unhappy about the situation, and she proceeded to suck and fuck me and my friends for the rest of the night. By the morning, she was passed out on the couch, with cum on her tits, dripping out of her pussy, lipstick smeared, and her hair was a mess.

She said later she couldn’t have been happier having one guy in her pussy, one in her mouth, a cock in each hand and the other guys groping her tits. I must have cum three times that night, and I loved watching my friends fuck my wife.

It’s now a regular monthly thing, and when I invite my buddies out for drinks, they never say no!

I confess, I told my wife it had been planned, but it just happened to be completely accidental.

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