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One in three women own a vibrator, but most of them a bunch of dildosare designed by men. Now it’s time for the girls to take control…

In a serious dose of girl power, a group of eight ordinary women are going to work with Ann Summers to create a sex toy made by women for women – and the entire process is going to be showcased in a new documentary, Sex Toy Stories.

And, looking at the girls taking part, this one looks like a definite must watch…

From 69-year-old grandma Margaret and a twenty something virgin, right down to a middle aged divorcee who has never achieved an orgasm (ever), the women are a diverse group – but they have one very big thing in common.

They think there’s a big fat gender gap in the sex toy market and they are determined to fill it.

Filmed over a course of a year, Sex Toy Stories will tell the story of how a group of regular ladies turned their fantasies into reality and reveals what women really want in the bedroom.

“I’d like a rocker switch rather than trying to find the on / off!”

Now THERE’S an idea!

The documentary is a mix of hard work, tears and giggles, watching the women try and work together as well as road-test toys that are currently on the market – one of them even does the weekly shop at the same time!

Woman with pants coming offThey turn to the contents of their kitchen cupboards to create models of their dream sex toy and prove that, when it comes to knowing what women want in the bedroom, the best way to find out is to go straight to the horse’s mouth.

Move over men, the women have got their buzz on – and we can’t wait to see how they and Ann Summers get on when Sex Toy Stories launches on Channel 4 on Thursday 13th June.

Will you be watching Sex Toy Stories?

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Jesse Lee – Sex Toy Tester

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