About Us

I am a Nova Scotian who, for the past 30 years, have made my home in Edmonton, Alberta. I continue to work on my B.A. in Gender Studies, wanting to specialize in sexuality norms and abnormalities. Since graduating 7 years ago with a Holistic Health Practitioner (H.H.P.) diploma, I’ve worked with men and women in the adult industry dealing with their sexualities.

I have knowledge and confidence to offer you a variety of sexual items that can aid you in releasing and freeing your sexual potential. Realizing how my own sexuality has bloomed with age, I am offering you similar opportunities to find the pleasures and satisfactions that I have experienced.

I started Sex Toys Estore as a way to express my own sexuality - thus owning many of my products. I decided to turn it into a business as of June 2009. I know the importance of a healthy sexual lifestyle, so my goal is to offer you a variety of quality items at low fair prices.

  • Support healthy sexuality.
  • Support naturalists.
  • Support healthy sexual expression. 

Remember - sexuality is limited only by your imagination.

Thank you for visiting my site.

If you have any questions, please contact us at toll free 1-877-915-0004.