Latex Clothing and Toy Care

Care Of Latex Clothing And Toys


Polishing: To bring out the deep glossy shine of latex, first wipe off any powder from the outside with a soft, damp cloth. Using a silicone based polish, spray the outside of the garment liberally and wipe gently with a soft cloth. A second coat applied with the hands will bring up an even deeper shine.


Important Facts: Listed below are some important facts that the wearer of a latex garment should know to ensure the maximum quality of life of the garment.


  • It is easier to put on a tight garment if the inside is lightly dusted with cornstarch. Note: do NOT use baby powder, or other powders, as they turn into a paste when moistened!
  • Oils, grease, abrasives and solvents DESTROY latex.
  • Keep away from naked flame and intense heat.
  • Latex tears easily; remove ANY jewelry before putting on the garment.
  • Polishing latex IS necessary to prevent cracking.
  • Latex garments should be washed by hand after each use in lukewarm water with no soap and hung to dry. When completely dry, lightly powder the inside; polish the outside and hang in a dark, dry place.
  • Storage near dyed garments may stain latex.
  • Latex may discolor, and eventually perish, if exposed to heat, sunlight and light with a high UV content.
  • Latex permanently stains when in contact with copper, brass or bronze.
  • Water-based lubricants are not harmful to latex.