PVC Clothing and Toy Care

Care Of PVC Clothing And Toys


PVC is a layer of vinyl poured over a cotton-poly backing. It is colored during manufacture and can have all manner of colors and textures applied (eg shiny/matte, glitter/glossy, etc). It can be embossed (imprinted) or silkscreened (painted), but printed designs tend to rub off over time.



  • Hand wash in warm water with a small amount of detergent (use liquid rather than soap flakes, as they can stick to the PVC). Make sure you wash inside & outside of the garment. Rinse inside & out thoroughly in cool water until all soap has been removed. Hang to drip-dry inside out. When the inside is dry, turn right way round & allow PVC side to dry.



  • If necessary, polish with silicone spray, e.g. Armor-All or STP Son-Of-A-Gun, as well as Black Beauty or Cult. For squeak-free wear you can also wipe down the outer surface of your PVC clothes with a light layer of silicone-based lube.



  • PVC can bond to garments containing cotton. PVC breaks down to release ethylene gases which destroy natural fibers and cause the bonding to become "gooey" and break. PVC is best stored in a garment bag away from other clothing.
  • PVC melts at high temperatures. Keep away from any open flames and store in a cool, dry place.