Anal Pleasure Beads Assorted Colors

California Exotic Novelties

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If you're just starting out with anal play, these Small Anal Pleasure Beads may be just the way to go. Made from ABS plastic and no phthalate, these anal beads are 0.5 inches in diameter, so anal newbies will likely really notice them when they're sliding in.

Five beads are on a string with a convenient finger loop at the end, so they're easily retrieved.

Medium Anal Pleasure Beads are 0.75 inches wide and excellent for a person with a little experience.

Large Anal Pleasure Beads, 0.9 inches wide, are popular amongst experienced users for furthering goals of anal pleasure.

As always, we recommend a good anal lube to go along with these (sold separately).

Color: Assorted
Material: ABS plastic
Sizes: Small – 0.5 inches wide
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Model: SE1200

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