Climax Bursts Lubricant Collection


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Climax Bursts Lubricant Collection includes five lubricants plus a toy cleaner. Each bottle contains 4 ounces.  

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Weight: 2.3 pounds
Manufacturer: Topco
Brand: Climax
Model: TO10314

Anonymous Reviews:


I love it because it have everythings that it describe Say good-bye to gross, gloppy, goopy lube and hello to Climax Burst Tingling Lubricant - the lube that's good for you. Climax Burst Tingling Lubricant is water-based and glycerin-free and comes in a 4 oz. pop-top bottle. Tingling lubricant with vitamin enriched beads that burst on contact  Beads enriched with vitamins A, B5, C and E Aloe and chamomile infused lubricant cools and soothes  Smooth gliding lubricant Made in USA

this is one of my favorite lubricants yet. will buy again.


Some lubes have that tingling sensation that feels like a mixture of you're on fire but freezing at the same time. Not this one. A+ on the Climax Bursts


I really enjoy this lube, its not sticky and it doesn't seem to dry up fast although I use it with a butt plug so there's not too much friction. I have also noticed that not much is needed to get the job done. The pop top is nice and convenient. Price is not bad for the size of the bottle. Clean up is extremely easy since the lube is not sticky. I give this lube 5 stars!

Toy Cleaner:

"I normally just use hot soapy water and then I found this stuff! Love it and makes me feel better about using our toys knowing they are better clean. Doesn't leave a film on them and cleans them up great!"

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