Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Blindfold

Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set


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Close your eyes and cover them with this No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set. Feel yourself being taken away into sensory-land. Feel the air on your body. Feel a feather teaser lightly brush against your skin. It gives you goosebumps. You anticipate what is next. Maybe an ice cube circling your breast and you feel the cool water melting over your chest.

You smell his body, fresh, desirable, man's body.

Hear the sound of your lover's voice. Follow the sound of his voice as he moves around you. You trust him. You yearn to know about what he's going to do. "Ah”, you gasp. Your lover has a clit vibrator and he's teasing your thighs. The muscles in your groin start to pulse. You want to feel the vibe against your clit but he stops just short of your lips. Taunting, teasing, and love it.

Use the black blindfold or maybe the white one. The blindfolds won't let light distract you from touch, smell and sounds.

Color: Comes with both black and white (2 blindfolds)
Material: Satin, elastic
Clothing Size: Fits most sizes
Weight: 3.04 ounces

Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey
Manufacturer: LoveHoney
Model: FSG40177

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