Icicles No. 1 Hand Blown Glass Dildo - Clear Swirls #1


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The Icicles No. 1 Glass Dildo has a clear glass shaft with a ribbon of glass along its entire length. This gives the Icicles No. 1 a series of ridges that you’ll feel as it slides in and out. If you reverse it, the large ball at the end of the glass dildo will stretch any orifice you desire, bringing you maximum pleasure. It’s said that the ideal time to use this feature is at orgasm.

Glass sex toys are easy to keep clean after use, and your options include putting the Icicles No. 1 in the dishwasher, or you could use one of our line of sex toy cleaners.

Features: The Icicles No. 1 glass dildo features a glass ribbon wrapped around the shaft, with a large ball end. It’s hypoallergenic, phthalate and latex-free.

Model: CNVELD-PD2901-00
Color & material: Translucent glass
Length & width: 9 inches by 1 inch
Circumference: 3.25 inches
Brand: Icicles
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products

Anonymous Reviews:

"Easy to clean and a joy to use! I was able to orgasm vaginally (a first for me) with this toy. The raised swirl on the shaft really gives it a kick, though it may be a bit much for beginners. Lube is definitely a must, and condoms work well with it, too. Anyone considering a glass dildo should give this one a whirl :)"

"My shipment came very quickly and it was wrapped nicely, but the toy itself is amazing. If anything I orgasm faster than usual. Great buy!"


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