Icicles No. 21 Hand Blown Glass Dildo #21 - Clear with flowered Stem


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The Icicles No. 21 hand blown glass dildo has an extra-long, 8.5 inch curved shaft featuring a raised-flower design, for extra stimulation. The bulbous, mushroom head on the dildo provides even more stimulation. Great for use inside your vagina, or you can use it anally and externally as well.

You can have even more fun with the Icicles No. 21 glass dildo by keeping it cold, or warming it up. Run it under warm water, or place in the microwave to inflame your passion. Cold water, or the freezer, is ideal for a cool, refreshing experience.

As with all glass dildoes, clean up is a snap using soap and water, the dishwasher, or any of our toy cleaners.


Features: The Icicles No. 21 glass dildo has a long, 8.5 inch curved shaft. It is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, phthalate free and easy to clean.

Model: PD2921-00
Color & material: Translucent glass
Length & width: 8.5 inches by 1.25 inches
Circumference: 5 inches
UPC: 603912282924
Brand: Icicles
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products

Anonymous Reviews:

"I love the Icicles No. 21 because of the beautiful details it is adorned with. While the raised flowers seem like they would provide some sensation, they are really unnoticeable when inserted. Some people may have a problem with the bulb-shaped head fitting too tightly. It is a pretty long toy and I usually don't insert it all the way. I love the whole Icicles collection in it's entirety, but No. 21 is not as pleasurable as most. What it lacks in pleasure it makes up for in beauty."

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