Icicles No. 8 Hand Blown Glass Dildo & Anal Probe


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The Icicles No. 8 Glass Dildo is slender and is equally at home in as an anal probe (and its base keeps it just outside) or your vagina. With hourglass-like ripples, it’s stimulating all the way.

Features: Freezable, latex-free, phthalate free, hypollaergenic glass.

Color & material: Blue glass
Length & width: 7 inches by 1.5 inches
Circumference: 2.75 inches
Weight: 9 ounces
Brand: Icicles
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Model: PD2908-00

Anonymous Reviews

"Icicles No. 8 has been an amazing addition to my toy box for so many reasons. For starters, glass will never degrade and will look beautiful forever! The large rounded end is perfect for g-spot stimulation and the small end is awesome for anal play. I love the smooth slippery surface requires little lubrication and since it is non-porous, glass can be completely sterilized!"

"I have owned some pretty aesthetically pleasing glass toys before but none match this or are even close. The blue spirals within the glass show tints of purple and turquoise when the light hits them, while the outside of the glass reflects rainbow colors, blues, purples, greens and yellows. Measurements- In terms of size the Icicles No 08 has an overall length of 7 inches or 5 1/4 inches of insertable length if you insert up to the beginning of the ball. In girth the 'ripples' of the toy vary from 2 1/2 inches to 3 1/4 inches in circumference and the 'ball' end is 5 inches in circumference. -Overall Length: 7" -Insertable Lenghth: 5 1/4" -Circumference: 2 1/2 at thinnest and 5" at Ball With this not being the longest and certainly not being a girthy toy (with the exception of the ball end) I would highly recommend this to anyone new to toys and looking for their first glass toy."

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