Jenna's UR3 Pocket Pal Masturbator -

Jenna's UR3 Pocket Pal Masturbator

Doc Johnson

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Add spice to those intimate moments with yourself, with Jenna's Pocket Pal. This palm-fitting masturbator was molded directly from Jenna Jameson's own hot and hungry vagina, so it's accurate in every detail of size, shape and color. And it's made of Doc Johnson's UR3, the most advanced virtual skin on the market.

Model: DJ5543-17
Color: Beige
Material: Realistic UR3
Features: Phthalate free, single entry
Length: 7.5"
Width: 1.5"
Circumference: 4.71"
UPC: 782421587505
Brandname: Vivid Toys

Anonymous Reviews:

"IT worked better than i expected I just lubed it up and stuck my cock in there it felt just like my girlfriend. Also me and my girlfrind use it both at the same time the little hand grips worked as perfect grooves for her we where both feeling it then Well worth the price i paid...."

"this is the best pocket pussy i have ever tried it gave me the biggest orgasim i have had since i had sex with my wife felt real good job guys keep it up!!"

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