Kinklab Lube Shooter


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This is a handy Kinklab Lube Shooter, a basic item for anal play. Using the lube shooter is very easy. The applicator comes in two separate pieces, the plunger and the barrel. Take out the plunger, Now pour lube directly into the barrel, like you would when pouring motor oil into your car. Control the applicator with the finger grips and gently push the flat ended plunger into the barrel, bend over and apply it as you might with anal douche. 

If your lube bottle has a wide mouth, you can also gently push the plunger into the barrel - similar to using a hypodermic-style needle. Then insert the end of the applicator into the lube and pull back on the plunger. Once the applicator is filled to your liking, spread your butt cheeks, insert the applicator and fill 'er up by pushing down on the plunger.

No double-dipping.  Very clean process. Do your best to get the lube between your cheeks, not the sheets!

Try not to fart, cause . . . well, you can imagine!

Now you're ready for a butt plug, strap-on, or a real penis. Your choice. Have fun and enjoy!

*Each order comes with three lube shooters, lubricant is not included.

Applicator Length: 5 inches from tip to base; circumference is 1 inch
Plunger Length: 4 inches from tip to base; circumference is 1/2 inch

Color: Blue, pink, purple, red, smoke
Material: Plastic
Length: 5 inches
Insertable Length: 3.50 inches
Inner Diameter: 0.50 inches
Weight: 2.72 ounces
Manufacturer: Kinklab
Model: KL300

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