Kinklab Vampire Gloves


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These black leather Kinklab Vampire Gloves are an unique item. Its soft elegant leather and its sharp tack-like teeth are used to heighten the senses by stimulating nerve endings and that'll give you goosebumps. The supple gloves can also be used in rougher sessions within a sado-masochist relationship as it takes a vampire bite out of you with its little metal spikes that protrude from all five fingers.

Two people may enjoy these when each person wears a glove and explores each other. Or try something with a kinky kick to it. A blindfold could be a terrific accessory.

Clean the gloves using a leather cleaner plus conditioner on a damp cloth and it'll keep your gloves in good condition.

To find the correct size of glove, take your dominant hand and wrap measuring tape around your palm just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. Make a fist and take that measurement in inches for the proper glove size.

XS - 6"-7"
S - 7"-8"
M - 8"-9"
L - 9"-10"
XL - 10"-11"

Color: Black
Material: Leather, metal
Size: X-small, small, medium, large, x-large
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Manufacturer: Kinklab
Model: KL534

Anonymous Reviews:

"With a very light touch in the right places you can make your partner MELT into your hands. You may not think that the scalp, arms and legs can be sensual areas of touch, but they can be. Alternate the sensation with the back side of the glove with the smooth leather. I had a pair of these at a party and had many ooohhs going on" ;)

"This is a fierce looking item, but can be as cuddly as a panda. A great addition for erotic massage....just as great for intense scenes! Recommended!ǃ"

"One of the first things you notice when you put these gloves on is the attention to detail. The tines aren't from the inside of the gloves so there is no danger of your fingers scratching across metal after a few wearings. Not only are the gloves comfortable, but I was able to get a medium to fit snug on my hands which makes using them easier and suits my purposes. the tines are just long enough that applying pressure can give just the right sensations to your victims, while using them for teasing play isn't hindered. I've also done a bit of light choking with them and it didn't seem to cause any issues with discomfort or breaking of the skin. I can honestly say these are going to be a permanent addition to my BDSM toy collection. And likely used in every session."

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