Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel With Leather Sheath


  • 1795

Similar to a medical doctor's pinwheel, the Wartenberg Pinwheel With Leather Sheath is a spiky sharp wheel that rotates effortlessly over the skin to give you a heightened awareness and is perfect for medical or sensory play. The slim handle makes it very easy to maneuver over one's body. Sensations feel like something between pain and pleasure. An attractive leather sheath comes with the pinwheel for a classy way to store it. If you want to try something new and wild, this unforgettable Wartenberg Pinwheel is just what you want.

Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Weight: 3.6 ounces
Manufacturer: Kinklab
Model: KL000

Anonymous Reviews:

"The Wartenberg Pinwheel may look like a nasty little weapon (and, ya it is if used in a devious manner!) but it is also a great for toy sensory play. Blindfold your willing victim and gently roll the sharp spiky wheel over their erogenous zones- nipples, genitals, feet, or tongue is great for sensory play! Watch your lover squirm with delight and moan with pleasure. Whether you are warming them up for some nasty BDSM play, or using this as foreplay for a night of great sex, the Wartenberg Pinwheel is sure to get an amorous reaction. My favorite sensory play device!"

"This is a little sensation toy that is extremely worth the small price tag. It can be harsh or delicate, painful or ticklish, and has the added benefit of looking vaguely sinister. Its easy to keep clean and safe, and I highly recommend it for experienced BDSM players and newbies alike."

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