Leather Y Bondage Harness


  • 8995

Our Leather Y-harness will look great on you. Y? Why not! I love to see your penis captured in its own little trap. This harness has the suspender look but it's not holding up your pants but rather your nilly-willy. Adjustable straps in the back and front.

A large 2.5 inch O-ring cums with the harness. Snaps hold the O-ring in place so it can be changed for another size. You've got to be comfortable, or do you?

Comes With:

  • harness
  • 2.5 inch O-ring
    Color: Black
    Material: Leather
    Size: One size fits most

    Width: 1.5 inches
    Manufacturer: Stockroom
    Model: CNVSR-J230

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