Lockable Waist Cincher Belt


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Shiny, solid, heavy-duty Lockable Waist Cincher Belt is fashionable to wear at a party or in the bowels of the dungeon. The front closes with 4 buckles which has a ring on each buckle. Those rings are for four locks (sold separately)

The PVC is thin, at 1/16 inch, but re-enforced with studs to make it strong enough to support a rough 'n tumble ass-whopping.

Two D-rings on each side of the belt are used for a wide range of options - leash or cuffs. A sexy cincher wouldn't be sexy if it weren't for the laced corset in the back where three pairs of grommets are. Lace up the cincher with rope or whatever you choose. This belt can also be wrapped around the thigh as an added feature.

Color: Black
Material: Solid PVC (not stretchable PVC fabric)

Small - 24 - 28 inch waist
Medium - 28 - 32 inch waist
Large - 32 - 36 inch waist

Manufacturer: Stockroom
Model: CNVSR-J436


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