Fleshlight Lady Lager Sex In a Can Masturbator


  • 5995

Fleshlight Lady Lager Sex In a Can has an orifice of a mini vagina made from a unique inner texture not used in any other Fleshlight items. Sex In a Can, a mini lotus, ready for plunging into. If you invite your friends over for a beer, you may not want to hand them this one.

Features: Patented Real Feel Super Skin, easy to use and clean, comes in retail-ready packaging, sleeve, gold-colored, and labeled plastic case. (per unit).

Color & Orifice: Pink Vagina

Canal Diameter: 1/4 - 3/4 inch
Canal Texture: Mini-Lotus

Case Length & Diameter: 8 inches by 3 inches

Model: 810476017934

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