Nipple Bulb -

Nipple Bulb

California Exotic Novelties

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The Nipple Bulb is a gentle little suction device for enhancing and raising your nipples. Just apply to the nipple and squeeze for light, comfortable suction. To use the erection O rings, slip on the vacuum tube before suction begins. Then, slide off tube onto the erect nipple. It has a two inch suction bulb for gentle, pleasing pleasure, a clear tapered vacuum tube for comfort and comes complete with 4 nipple erection rings.

- Vacuum bulb with 4 nipple erection rings
- ABS (nozzle) PVC (bulb, rings)
- 4" (tip diameter)

Model: SE2641-14
Color: Purple
Width: 0.4"
Weight: 2.24 oz

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