Red Slave Hood with Snap-On Leather Gag and Blindfold


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This bright Red Slave Hood with Snap-On Leather Gag Blindfold comes with a gag you can snap his yap shut. Detachable blindfold snaps into place. Laces up in the back for a comfortable fit. Leather that's soft, light, and made from the highest quality.

Metal snaps are nickel-plated. The gag is about 2.5 inches and gives your pet a leather taste he won't forget. Keep your slave focused on you by shutting down his vision and plugging up his yap trap with this red phallic symbol.

Color: Red
Material: Leather


  • Small/medium – 12 to 15 inch neck, 20 to 23 inch brow
  • Medium/large – 13 to 16 inch neck, 23 to 26 in brow

Length of Gag: 2.5 inches
Width of Gag: 1 5/8 inches
Height of Gag: 1 inch
Manufacturer: Stockroom
Model: CNVSR-J454

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