Riding Crop - Bondage -

Riding Crop - Bondage


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Crack the whip on your lover and show 'em who's love reigns! Made from leather and designed like the equestrian English-style horse whip, this Riding Crop whip will surely make your lover submit to your every desire.

Color: Black
Material: Leather
Weight: 2.1 oz
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Model: PD3702-00

Anonymous Reviews:

"Inepensive but cerainly does work - from a light sting to OMG. If this one ever wears out I would not think twice about buying another one!" "My partner and I had a lot of fun with this. We were pleasantly surprized at the quality for the price. The end kinda smacks with just enough to cause a squirm but not leave a bruse. Buns become pink after a few times and when it is traced up and down and inbetween it is very erotic for bolth. Something about the leather feal and what its used for is very arousing and is great four play that will make all your senses rise for when it is time to enter your partner. I would recomend this for all those that like to play and a hog tie also works well with it ;)"

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