Sportsheets Chain Ball Tickler -

Sportsheets Chain Ball Tickler

Sportsheets International

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This Sportsheets Chain Ball Tickler has balls of steel. The tickler part is made from six beaded strands that are 6 inches each in length. The strands of beads hang from a plastic wand. Taunt, tickle, and tease your sweetie.

Use warm or iced water to dip the metal beads into then drag the beaded strands across his chest or buttocks; watch him squirm. A sensation he'll never forget. Try a blindfold to heightened his sense of touch. Imagine how this tickler feels when all 150 little metal balls come in contact with your sweet ass.

Color: Silver
Material: Metal, plastic

Length: 21 inches (total); 4 inches (ball part)
Weight: 6.4 ounces

Brand: Sportsheets
Manufacturer: Sportsheets International Inc
Model: SS750-18

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