Sportscuffs Neoprene Cuffs & Tether Bondage Kit

Sportsheets International

  • 3695

Cuffs are one of the first BDSM products that you will get, and the Sportsheets Neoprene Cuffs & Tether Bondage Kit is just the product for you. Fill your BDSM toy box with cuffs and stuff you and your partner will want. These cuffs fit either the wrists or ankles. Or attach the two straps together for more imaginary play, maybe a collar. All you need is a bed post, a partner, and a little imagination.

Color: Black
Material: Neoprene
Length: Straps 48 inches each
Weight: 8.96 ounces

Manufacturer: Sportsheets International Inc
Model: SS7922-61

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