Stockroom Custom Perforated Bolero Leather Straitjacket


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The Stockroom Custom Perforated Bolero Leather Straitjacket is made from superior leather and is one of the highest quality BDSM items around. Made-to-order so it fits your body properly. The entire straitjacket is perforated so it increases comfort and lets your body breath.

This Perforated Bolero Leather Straitjacket has a buckled collar and closures in the back. The straitjacket is functional and fashionable. Extra long sleeves reach past your fingertips.

One sleeve has a ring on the end of it and the other sleeve has a 1 inch strap at the end of it. The design is unique with its short length, and most of the chest and back are exposed. Due to its design it makes it unnecessary for a crotch strap. Accessories can be attached to the heavy D-rings, such as a leash.

Features: USA made, hand-crafted and made-to-order, chest straps are adjusted horizontally and vertically

*** Allow 1 or 2 weeks for the Bolero Straitjacket to be made

Color: Black
Material: Leather, Latigo belting, nickel-plated
Upper Chest Sizes: Small - 29 - 31 inches
                                  Medium - 31.5 - 33 inches
                                  Large - 33.5 - 35 inches
                                  X-Large - 35.5 - 37 inches
Manufacturer: Stockroom
Model: CNVSR-J465

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