Tantus Severin Medium Butt Plug

Tantus Severin Butt Plug - Medium

Tantus Inc

  • 4495

The Tantus Severin Medium Butt Plug has a narrow tip and two different staging areas to ease into. They feature long necks and butterfly bases to wear comfortably between the cheeks.

Serious players are now given material that is fun to use and easy to clean. There is nothing better for anal play than silicone and no one who understands the dynamics of anal exploration and your needs quite as well as Tantus Silicone.

Features: Hypoallergenic, latex free, made in USA, phthalate free, waterproof

Model: TAN0642
Color: Black
Material: Silicone
Length: 4.55"
Width: 1.85"
Weight: 6.4 oz
Manufacturer: Tantus

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