Universal Toy Cleaner -

Universal Toy Cleaner

California Exotic Novelties

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Toys need care and protection and that's why California Exotics has come up with a new formula that is designed to aid you in keeping your sex toys clean and safe. Their anti-bacterial toy cleaner is an exclusive toy cleaning agent that removes all the unwanted remains which might cause irritation and deteriorate your toys. So if you want to prolong your favorite pleasure tool's life, and protect yourself from undesired side effects - this is the product for you!

Model: SE2385-00
Weight: 5.12 oz
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties

Anonymous Reviews:

"works great just spray then wash with water and clean and good as new good for all your sex toys. Might have to buy some more soon"

"I really like this toy cleaner. it defintely gets rid of bacteria, and cleans really well. would highly recommend it."

"Trying to clean my toys is always frustrating until I started using this toy cleaner. Cleans my jack rabbit with no fuss and ready to go for my next use!"

"This keeps my toys fresh and clean after every use."

"I am really not sure if it is anything special but it works perfectly for all of the toys in my collection, which is actually pretty damn large. Its application is simply, the bottle provides plenty of uses, and it even works on toys before they are used to help sanitize and remove some of the new toy smell."

"The cleaner works like it should. The price is better than I can find in local stores. The shipping was fast. I would recommend this product to others. It gets my toys clean, and it is easy to apply. I have one lube that it does not clean that well, but that is because of the type of lubricant it is. Aside from that, I have had no issues"

"I bought this in conjunction with a rabbit vibrator and it cleans beautifully! Just spray and either leave it out overnight to airdry and wipe with a clean cloth. Don't forget to store your toy!" 

"This seems to work fine, but I was a little annoyed that it didn't come with instructions anywhere: it's not on this product page, nor is it on the bottle itself (because some toy cleaners can be left to air dry on the toy while others need to be rinsed off). I'll be rinsing all my toys after just to be safe. One thing that's great about this is that there's virtually no smell, which is really nice."

"See title. Price is right and ease of use makes it a must have. Especially since the toy we're cleaning is so much fun. Gotta' take care of it right!"

"While all of us like to play, cleanliness is close to. . . now, how does that go? This product is very easy to use and I can say with all honesty that it is a no mess type of product. The spray feature makes cleanup a snap and it does not have an astringent smell."

"the product was easy to apply, and i recomend it for use to cleaning of toys. there where no lest over resdue on toys which is good."

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