Vac-U-Lock Powder Lubricant -

Vac-U-Lock Vac-U Powder

Doc Johnson

  • 895

One ounce of soft Vac-U-Lock Vac-U Powder is made for attaching and removing  attachments from the plug - and very easily. This enables you to change dildos and probes as you want and for unlimited combinations.

Weight: 1 ounce
Brand: Vac-U-Lock
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Model: DJ1020-02

Anonymous Reviews:  

"Not much to say, except that it really seems to make the attachments a lot easier to get on and off of the plugs. I used to worry about damaging them before I started using the lubrication powder, but it really doesnt seem like an issue anymore. One container lasts essentially forever."

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