Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness 2 -

Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness 2

Doc Johnson

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Introducing Doc Johnson's Ultra Harness II. This harness has an adjustable waist up to 44 inches, an open crotch for maximum comfort, easy access, and non-slip action; all designed to give you command and control for your erotic pleasures. This Harness can be used by women or men. The opening under the plug is high enough to allow the man's penis to hang below. Just add your favorite Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock attachment and you're ready to go! Available with plug or snaps.

Model: DJ1010-02
Color: Black
Material: Nylon, plastic, PVC
Features: Lock system compatible
Brandname: Vac-U-Lock

Anonymous Reviews:

"I was a little leary when i first looked at this online. after using it i found it is a well put together product. very versitile. I love that i can move up is size very easliy and the attachments are pretty cheap. It is good for the beginner that just wants to see if there spouse might be into this kind of thing because the price is so good. it supports the attachments well so the other person does not need to hold them up. I have found no flaws in the construction even with alot of use."

"I bought this for my wife years ago, along with the attachment: Product #: DJ1015-06. Both are still going strong, including the other attachments. Both my wife and her friends love the VAC-U-LOC system."

"For the price, I dont think you will find a better harness. Works well on males and females with access to all the important areas. We hate strap ons that cover up the wearers parts! What fun is that? Only negative thing is that the buckle system loosens up pretty easily in the heat of action so we tied knots in the nylon to keep it in place, which takes a little time to remove afterwards. Not a huge inconvenience. For the price though, AWESOME! Ps, also love the elastic band built into the waist strap that perfectly holds the remote for vibrating attachments, genius!"

"works great! wife ordered one while at a girl party. later admitted the hostess took her for a test ride. the thing lets you try different size dildos so it never gets dull or boring."

"Me and my wife bought this along with the KONG and we love it! The harness fits nice and we can even use it on each other."

"Worth every cent! we bought one and also bought the 6 realistic cock with vib & the slim jelly dongs. This harness isnt like those not only get a great product but one that has many choices of toys to use & it fits REAL women! my lovely wife is a size 18-20 and had no problem with it fitting. I love to watch her & her girl friends play with it!"

"This product is amazing! It does not slip, shift, or move during any type of sex. It feels like I have a penis of my own!"

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