Vibratex sidekick #1 - blue -

Vibratex Sidekick #1 Masturbator Sleeve

Vibratex Inc

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They call it a sidekick because this is a companion you'll want to keep close to you at all times.

The Vibratex Sidekick #1 Masturbator Sleeve is a deluxe closed-ended masturbator made out of 100% Elastomer. It is 5.5" long and lined with dozens of nubs to stimulate you.

The Sidekick is pictured inside-out to give you a clear view of the pleasurable protrusions.

Color: Blue
Material: TPE
Features: Hypoallergenic, phthalate free, single entry
Length: 5.5"
Width: 2"
Brandname: Vibratex

Anonymous Reviews:

"This is one of the simplest products I have ever used and it lasts many many uses. I have tried many products and this one is one of the best products I have used, on top of that one of the cheapest. You can't go wrong when buying this product, I would definitely recomend this product to others and I enchurage others to buy this product."

"The service was great, speedy delivery, pricing was great and the products were just what I wanted and expected."

"Very durable first sleeve I have had I can use for multiple orgasm's once I have simmered down from the previous one.... simply amazing"

"Having bought a few sleeve masturbators, I found they either tear or rip or loose their elasticity or end up committing suicide on another toy but this one has proven to make me cup up to 4 times before i have to take it off. I am so happy with this sleeve I would most definitely buy another one if i lost the current one or somehow managed to break it (its very durable)."

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