Vibrating Expandable Inflatable Butt Plug Buster -

Vibrating Expandable Inflatable Butt Plug Buster


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Do you ever wonder what it's like to use a vibrating expandable sex toy? This phthalates-free latex Vibrating Expandable Butt Buster is just the toy for you; it's not called a butt buster for nothing.

Similar to a blood pressure machine, this expandable dong also uses a bulb but instead of a cuff it pumps air into the ribbed dong.

Lube up the inflatable dong and insert – note the flared shape at the base of the dong, it serves the same purpose as a retrieval loop. Start off slowly until you're comfortable with the three different speeds.

Gently squeeze the bulb to pump up your dong, little by little, so it is tail-ored to perfectly fit you. A release valve is at your fingertips for instant deflation. The best part is that this wonderful butt expander increases the ever-loving twelve inch girth.

Three AA batteries operate the dual powered controller (included).

Color: Beige
Material: Latex
Length: 5.5 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Circumference Fully Expanded: 12 inches
Weight: 14.56 ounces
Manufacturer: Nasstoys
Powered By: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Model: NW1664

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