Wrap Around Lover Doll -

Wrap Around Lover Doll

California Exotic Novelties

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Brand new wrap-around arms and legs design with 4 color printed face and 3 passages.

Model: SE1920-01
Color: Beige
Material: PVC
Features: Triple entry
Weight: 1 lb

Anonymous Reviews:

"The Wrap Around Lover is the absolute BEST starter doll if you have never used a love doll. It is inexpensive, sturdy and easy to store out of site, when not in use. Be aware, if you are extremely large, I am happy for you, but this doll might be too small or you. I am just over 6 inches and I am too large for the mouth or the anal opening. But the vagina is jut like it was made for me. I am so happy with The Wrap Around Lover, I purchased a slip, a 10 strap garter belt and fully fashioned seamed nylons for the doll. Read the other reviews. They helped me decide."

"The holes on the doll are in just the right place, and are just the right size to use without an insert. It is a fairly small doll, and not something you would use if you wanted something more life-size. Also, it is good for a few select positions, but the legs are not very maneuverable. Inexpensive, and definitely usable."

"This definitely is the way to go if you need that late night fix. This doll gives the best oral and cowgirl ride. Perfect to dress up and is very durable. No protection necessary. Just blow it up and enjoy. In fact, my girl gets jealous because I told her I prefer this dolls oral over hers-lol And I meant it. Had it for almost a year and she's loosing a bit of air now, but not before she fulfills her purpose..."

"Got this doll on a whim price was right. Blew her up and right away my dick was hard a rock. She looks good with her arms and legs in the wrap position. Put the head of my dick in and instantly new this was gonna be a short trip. Was able to last a good solid 10 min before it was all over. Been with many dolls, but I swear this is the first one where no matter what I do I nut in 10 min or less. She's that good!"

"For the money it has to be the best blow up doll on the market. I was impressed with the quality. Totally satisfied."

"my neighbor wanted to try a doll so i told him about the Wrap around lover. he got one and tryed it. said it was great! he wanted me to try it so i did and wow! didnt expect it to feel that good! love the way her pussy gripped my cock , had to cum twice in her! suggest everyone try one. price good also."

"Best blow up doll ever. Nice big titties. hole is large enough to feel really good when you are going in and out. I fucked this doll while talking to a girl on the phone. She could hear me humping and feeling and sucking the doll the entire time. Gets me horney just thinking of humping her. Best ever............."

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